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Remember, you're the one who calls the shots. Each of my standard models can be customized by selecting from various options in steel material, handle material, and blade finish.

Do you have your own design? Send me a drawing and a description. We can work together to put a knife in your hands that will meet your specific needs.

All of the 14 standard models below are named for Kentucky Derby winners:

Keeton Custom Knives - Affirmed

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  Type: Dropped Point Hunter
  Blade: 4"
  OAL: 8 5/8"
  Handle: Burgundy Micarta

This is one of the most popular sporting knives I make.

Keeton Custom Knives - Carry Back

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Carry Back

  Type: Dropped Point Hunter
  Blade: 3 1/2"
  OAL: 8"
  Handle: Black Pakkawood

Often used for cleaning small game.

Keeton Custom Knives - Citation

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  Type: Folder
  Blade: 3"
  OAL: 7"
  Handle: Red Jigged Bone

Keeton Custom Knives - Exterminator

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  Type: Fighter
  Blade: 7"
  OAL: 11 7/8 ”
  Handle: Black Micarta

This model was based on the Fairbairn-Sykes commando knife of World War II and was featured on the cover of the Combat Knives magazine in 1998. Here is what they had to say:

"Compared with the original Fairbairn-Sykes, the Keeton knife has been improved by a substantial ricasso that strengthens the blade at the hilt or guard. The guard itself is thicker—not so much for strength as a parrying aid, but to aid in identifying the position of the knife in the hand as well as adding weight for balance.

The handle has been made more slender with a gentle contour that's easy to grasp and shifts the weight of the knife from the handle of the original into the blade. Fittings of ... [the] guard and butt add to the glamour of the knife. The grind, polish and fit are immaculate."

Reviewed by Butch Winter. "Bill Keeton's Knives: Beautiful Custom-Crafted Knives from America's Heartland. "
Combat Knives: September 1998, pp.62-63 (Emphasis added).

Keeton Custom Knives - Foolish Pleasure

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Foolish Pleasure

  Type: Hunter
  Blade: 3 1/2"
  OAL: 8”
  Handle: India Sambar Stag and Red Spacers


Keeton Custom Knives - Forward Pass

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Forward Pass

  Type: “Patch Knife”
  Blade: 3 1/2"
  OAL: 7 7/8”
  Handle: Pakkawood

Includes a ball-starter on the end of the handle.

Keeton Custom Knives - Genuine Risk

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Genuine Risk

  Type: Gunstock Folder
  Blade: 2 3/4"
  OAL: 6 1/2 ”
  Handle: Burgundy Micarta

Please note: engraving is extra.

Keeton Custom Knives - Needles

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  Type: Filet
  Blade: 6"
  OAL: 11 1/4"
  Handle: Pakkawood

* Other styles of filet knives available.

Keeton Custom Knives - Regret

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  Type: Bear Claw
  OAL: 3 3/4”
  Handle: Mother of Pearl

*File work optional and extra

Keeton Custom Knives - Secretariat

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  Type: Bowie
  Blade: 9" Flat Ground
  OAL: 14 1/4 ”
  Handle: Elephant Ivory


Keeton Custom Knives - Unbridled

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  Type: Trailing Point Hunter
  Blade: 4 1/2 "
  OAL: 9”
  Handle: Camo Pakkawood


Keeton Custom Knives - Vagrant

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  Type: Fighter
  Blade: 6"
  OAL: 10 3/4 ”
  Handle: Red and Black Linen Micarta

"The Vagrant is double-ground, with a semi-clipped, sharpened spine. The six-inch blade has a very generous ricasso to add strength near the guard. The guard is nickel silver, and the handle scales are ... [18% nickel silver] held to the full-tapered tang with stainless-steel bolts.

This particular style of knife is much more versatile than the pure dagger design of the Exterminator. It would, in fact, serve as a survival knife in all but the most severe circumstances.

Fit, finish and overall execution are top rate. Keeton has no peer in this area."

Reviewed by Butch Winter. "Bill Keeton's Knives: Beautiful Custom-Crafted Knives from America's Heartland. " Combat Knives: September 1998, p.63 (Emphasis added).

Keeton Custom Knives - War Admiral

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War Admiral

  Type: Sub-Hilt Fighter
  Blade: 6"
  OAL: 11 1/8 ”
  Handle: Elephant Ivory

This is the style that I made for Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf.

Keeton Custom Knives - Whirlaway

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  Type: Skinner
  Blade: 4"
  OAL: 8 5/8 ”
  Handle: India Sambar Stag and Red and White Spacers

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