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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order for knives?
Contact me so we can decide exactly what you would like to order.  A deposit of $100 for each knife confirms the order. (back to top)

Do you make other models?
Yes, at this time I have over 100 models to choose from. I am also happy to work with a customer's own design. Contact me to find out more about how to get the knife that will best suit your needs. (back to top)

What types of steel do you use?
I use ATS-34, BG-42, 440-C, 440-V, D-2, 154CM, CPM-154, CPM M4 (GFS).  All of these steels will take and hold a very keen edge. (back to top)

What different types of handle material can I choose from?
I use all of the handle materials that are available, which includes exotic woods, bone, stag, mother of pearl, legal elephant ivory, Micarta, G-10 fiberglass, etc. (back to top)

Can someone visit your shop?
Absolutely! Visitors are always welcome. Just give me a call to make sure I am available that day. (back to top)

How long have you been making knives?
I have been making knives for over 30 years.  I have been a voting member of the Knifemakers' Guild since 1975. (back to top)

Are your knives guaranteed?
Yes.  If something happens to your knife that is my fault, I will repair it free of charge.  Other repairs are on a labor and materials basis. (back to top)

Where is Laconia, Indiana?
Laconia is a very small town which is approximately 16 miles southeast of Corydon, Indiana and about  35 minutes west of Louisville, Kentucky. (back to top)

How long do I have to wait for my knives to be delivered?
Delivery times depend on several factors, including: what styles you want and if I have those styles already heat-treated.  Times also depend on how many knives you want made.  Normally, I have some knives on hand for immediate delivery for those wanting to give them as gifts for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, etc.  I will do my very best to meet your needs.  At this time, the delivery time is approximately 4 months. (back to top)


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